Tobias Adams

A wispy slip of a kid with a small mess of dirty blonde hair and average for all intenisve purposes. Ya know, that guy!


stats to come.
Density Control – 3
Telekinesis – 1
Deflect/Redirect – 2
Psychic Shield – 1
Hypnosis – 1
Holo – 1
Warp – 2

Cipher – 5
Node – 5
Attunement – 5
Allies – 1(Burnout)


Tobi is your average teen from a upper middle class family. Average parents, average life to the naked eye. Anything but average if you can scratch the surface…..good luck with that by the way. Home-schooled and more quiet than most people like. Tobi really doesn’t fit in. He could, he just chooses not to. He can’t, not yet. You only fit in when the situation benefits you….especially when you can turn a profit. Knowledge is power, money, and everything else you want it to be and then some. As a general rule, something overheard at the time might not seem worthwhile, down the line someone might pay dearly for that same piece of information so keep your mouth shut and your ears open and you might just learn something.
Tobi has a sense of ethics and morals, as loose as they may be and he will never leave a friend behind…..mostly because he hasn’t had one yet. You don’t get many chances to have friends when you’re duping everyone into thinking you give a shit about them and not your quarry. Social interaction, that’s where Tobi needs improvement…for sometimes it’s easier to get what you want right under the owners nose. Hell, they might even give it to him if he can hone those particular skills. Only time will tell.
Tobi, more than anything, just wants to make his parents proud….if they’re still alive that is. His new goal is revenge now….gathering as much information about this group trying to round us up and forcing them to collapse from the inside out! God help that rainbow snake bitch….she’s toast!

Tobias Adams

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