Facility 47

Facility 47 was claimed, re-tasked and re-engineered to create a secure and secretive environment for the housing, training, and education of second generation novas. The Facility is a spartan underground shelter that was originally a bunker intended for use by the government. Without the continuing threat of nuclear war the U.S. government eventually mothballed the facility. During the 80’s the facility passed into private hands and all records of the facility’s existence were “lost”. Since then the Facility was expanded, updated with top of the line tech, and made completely self sustainable.

Among the upgrades to the infrastructure of the facility, many cutting edge technologies were used to make it completely self sustaining. From the geothermal space and water heating to the advanced hydroponics laboratories, to the current generating, pressure sensitive floors. This facility could function completely cut off from outside indefinitely.

The waist water recycling system is of particular note. Its systems were developed by Nova, and are so efficient that since the initial filling of the reserviors, there has been no resupply. The water from the hydroponics, the lavatories, the kitchen and all waste is recycled and purified, maintaining the strictest standards for purity and taste.

The training area consists of an enormous underground cavern, previously untapped until the modifications for the facility lead a new series of engineering tunnels to be built, stumbling upon the massive cavern. It was soon realized that it would be a uniquely suitable place to contain, and train Novas in their budding, and oft-times dangerous abilities. After minimal construction, the ‘Gym’ now contains a series of underwater tunnels connected by adjacent pools, weight training equipment augmented through the use of gravity manipulation for the students gifted with superhuman strength along with ample room to experiment and train. Support staff is available during all ‘lights on’ hours to direct and train them in the growth of their powers.

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Facility 47

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