Session 1

The rabbit hole is shaped like a door.

So there I was, pulled through a door after seeing my parents more or less defeated by the metal guy and the snake lady, into a dank cave. The guy that made the door was probably right. If I had stayed and fought, I would have wound up caught or worse with my parents. I can’t help but feel guilty about not trying harder. I know they would have. My dad is a god damned hero. I should be too.

I was walked through the cave. More of a hallway. Doors on either sides after a few feet to an office. If I had spent any time in a real school, I would have recognized this kind of place. It was a principals office. No one said much, and I was told to take a seat and wait. Wait for what? My parents were getting killed or captured as I sat there like a ten year old being reprimanded for talking back to the teacher.

Kids came in once in a while, and took a seat. One little asian girl was pretty broken up. Apparently she had just gone through something similar to me, but I didn’t know what to say to her, so I kept quiet. Another kid was there, pale, and kind of a smartass. And then a couple more guys showed up. One super shy, hiding behind his buddy. Thats when the principal spoke.

Is was an asian guy, like the girl that was with us. He told up a little about the school and was very evasive with my questions about my parents. Its like they already counted them gone. Nothing I was gonna say was changing that. Then he told me about the training that happened in the school, along with the classes. I’ve never been much one for books, but I can use my body, and if I’m gonna find those creeps that got my parents, I’m gonna need to get a lot tougher. That’s when she came in.

Apolline. Apolline Le Mieux. She was so beautiful, it was almost enough to make me forget about my parents for a few minutes. She was charming and graceful, and even put up with Ghosts creepy flirting. She was told to show us around the school. We went to a few classrooms and saw some neat stuff. Especially the history teacher. Apparently he can let us perceive events in history. Math and physics were both filled with nerds, but not in a bad way. If anyone can understand what the teachers were talking about, they have better powers then me. Then we hit the gym. A huge, cavernous . . . cave. With a coach available to train. I knew I was gonna be spending some time in here. A bell rang, and Apolline said it was lunch time.

The five of us found a table. It was apparently the new kid table, cause it was the only one empty. We were talking a little, trying to get a feel for what the others powers were. The shy kid can manipulate water, which is pretty cool I guess if you need a shower. I tried to show off a little, and ended up shifting into some kids heaping lunch. I tried to apologize, but before I knew it we were fighting. The whole table was yanked out from under me by some really fast kid. I blinked back to my table right as the huge guy whose food I kicked everywhere charged me right into the wall. It didn’t hurt too bad, but I didn’t wanna get pushed around on my first day. I went to pick up a table and got kneed in the chest by that speedy guy again. I had enough. I picked up a table from between a few kids and started swinging, blinking behind that big asshole right as I connected. It didn’t hurt him at all. In fact he started changing into a huge brick monster.

I had had enough. That was too much. I shifted out of the whole cafeteria back to the gym to calm down, and walked back in just as the brick guy got slapped through a wall by a giant robot. Who turned out to be Kami, the little asian girl. Weird. Principal Dim showed up and stopped everything cold. I thought I was gonna be expelled on the first day, but he just told up to go with to our rooms, which he got Apolline to show us to. My roommate wasn’t there, but there was a melted handprint in the wall.

I wanted to find him, and after asking a bit, I tracked him down in the gym, melting through a four foot chunk of rock with his fire beam, or whatever. Not a nice guy. A lot of anger issues. I’ll bet he’s not too different from me. As least about how he ended up here. Maybe I can get him to teach me how to throw a little fire. Wouldn’t hurt to be able to do that when I met Metal Man again.

I decided since I was there, I could use a little workout. There were big rocks around, and i started playing toss with myself across the cave. It helps me focus on my shifting. It’s still hard to control sometimes. Obviously. And after a few minutes, a guy asked me to toss it to him, and he caught it with some flair and threw it back. We tossed it a few more times then he walked over and asked me to be a part of some sports team. I didn’t have much on my plate at the moment, so I said sure. Couldn’t hurt to get into better shape. Practice is tomorrow. I would be excited if I could stop worrying about my parents.

Session 1

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