Session 2

Why can’t we be friends?

Its been a busy week. More classes then I’ve ever taken and as much training as I can handle, not to mention sports practice. Adam has been pretty great. They call him the Golden Boy, but I don’t think its out of meanness. I’m pretty sure its cause he’s damn good at just about everything, and looks good doing it too. He’s been helping me learn how to take a punch. After Metal Man, and the fight last week, I realized I need to be tougher. He helped me to focus my teleporting to shunt away some of the force of a punch. Pretty handy, though now I seem to have a little distortion around my body all the time. It was weird to get used to.

We’ve all been training pretty hard. Kami even learned to fly a little, in her robot suit. I had to shift out of the way a few times while she was practicing, but she got ok by the end of the week. Her room mate Maggie taught her. Fuckin’ Maggie. I almost got my ass kicked again cause of her.

Maggie can move. Fast. I dunno if I would put her in a race against Ghost, but the only way I could hope to keep up with her is cheating. So at lunch one day, that silly bitch Megan showed up, screaming ‘Who took it?!’ Like we were supposed to know what she was talking about. She singled Kami out pretty quick, accusing her in front of teachers. And when they searched Kami’s things, they found Megan’s locket. Now I don’t know Kami super well, but I’m pretty sure she’s not the kind to steal something from someone she can’t stand. Or steal at all. She was punished for it, and her room mate Maggie too, mostly cause they couldn’t really prove who was at fault.

Ghost and I were walking to the gym a little later when we saw Kami in there with Brick. You should have heard the words coming out of that tiny girl. It was a shit storm of . . . . shit. Trying not to interrupt, but waiting to see if I would have to jump in, Megan suggested a fight. I’ve been trying to make friends with everyone for the whole time I was here. I don’t want to waist my time and risk getting hurt or worse, really hurting someone else over a petty bit of bullshit. I’ll admit, Megan made it very hard not to pound her measly ass into the ground like a rail spike, but I resisted. I kept thinking to myself what my Dad would do. He would find a peaceful way out. This was unnecessary. I held my ground, my friends on one side, those three on the other and they walked away first. Brick even gave me a shrug as he walked past. Might be hope for us yet.

This didn’t sit well with me, or Kami for that matter. I caught up to her and asked her about it. We had to find proof that it was Maggie before we went and accused her. Kami had wiggled her way into the surveillance system and we watched the tapes. It was hard to spot her, cause she was so fast, but I saw it. A black blur with a glint of gold outside Megan’s room. We went to talk to her, and Kami found her in their room. I listened down the hall to the conversation, happy it was going where it was. Staying friends, but with a firm ’don’t do that shit again’ undertone. Then there was Appoline. I didn’t even notice her till she was right there, asking me what I was up to. It was hard not to spill the beans to her. She was understanding, I guess.

Before they came back, Tobi came up to me with an invitation. A concert. I needed a night off, and apparently so did Derrick. He was the one who made the plans. Who would have though? We schemed to get people out of the school using Tobi’s warp power. We decided to invite our crew, and Brick, to make things a little easier, since he roomed with Erik. Thought that might win him over. We got everyone in the same room ready to go and there was a knock. A beautiful knock. It was Apolline again. Asking about a rumor that we were gonna sneak out. I thought we were done for. As it turned out she wanted to come. How could I say no? And her boyfriend Adam, too. Which is ok, but then in zipped Darren and his bitch girlfriend Megan. There were protests, but finally Derrick, who’s plan it was spoke up. ‘Fine, whoever’s going, lets go’ And off we went. Tobi opened his window, and we walked through one at a time into a huge arena on the floor, music thumping and people screaming. Tobi shouted, ‘Back here when the concert is over, or I’m leaving you.’ I couldn’t help but smile. It was gonna be a good night.

Session 2

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