Growing up is hard to do.

The year is 2015. The world is 17 years into the Golden Age of Novas. Project Utopia has been instrumental in helping to guide Novas and baseline humanity to the production of wonders to change the world. Macro-bacteria have cleaned up the world’s oceans, science has created effective medical treatments that have nearly eliminated AIDS and many types of cancer. Hypercombustion engines have cut down in emissions in vehicles throughout the world. Through all of this Novas have revolutionized every industry and many facets of world culture. While the majority of baseline humanity idolizes and adores Novas their are some at the highest levels of power who cannot help but think of the havoc Novas could wreak if they ever became displeased with their place in society.

Some say that a conspiracy has grown within Project Utopia like a cancer bent on the subjugation, control, and elimination of dangerous elements within the Nova population. The group of rebels and malcontents that call themselves Aberrants have even claimed that the conspiracy has introduced sterilizing agents into the greater Nova population worldwide. It could be true, the incidence worldwide of Novas giving birth is non-existent. At least as far as the general public is concerned. Nova parents do exist and this tiny population of Breeder Novas have despite the odds managed to pair up in surprising numbers. Dozens of couples around the world have successfully produced one or more children. These are the powerful 2nd Generation Novas. Even the weakest of them carries more potential than some of the most powerful Novas on the planet.

With such power in the hands of children, the foresighted on both sides of the conflict have set their resources to harness or destroy these nascent child gods. The conspiracy has already set merciless Nova operatives on the trails of known Nova parents and their offspring. Meanwhile the Aberrants and other organizations have mobilized men and women capable of protecting, transporting, and guiding these children to safe havens. One such haven codenamed Facility 47 operates as an underground school and training center. A crack staff of nova educators was assembled to provide the highest degree of instruction to the facility’s “students”. One day the children housed and trained within Facility 47 may change the world for better… or for worse.

Meet the Staff

Growing Pains

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