Kusanagi Kamiko

A cute, stylish Japanese hacker & computer wiz who's bigger than she looks.


Birth Name: Kusanagi Kamiko
Nova Name: unknown
Concept: Gambler
Nature: Thrillseeker
Allegiance: self
Type: 2nd Gen True

Age: 16
Nationality: Japanese
Sex: Female
Hair: Multicolored
Eyes: Black
Height: 4’6/ 18’
Weight: 65 lbs/ 33,280 lbs.(16.64 tons)

STR: 2/5(MECH) DEX: 5 STA: 4/5(MECH)
PER: 2 INT: 5 WITS: 3
APP: 2 MAN: 3 CHA: 1

Abilities: Ath-1, Mar Art-4(multi-opp), Mel-1, Sth-2, End-3/4, Res-3/4, Inv-2, Acd-1,
Comp-3(hack), Eng-3(comp/elect), Intr-2, Ling-1(Jap), Rap-2, Intm-1, Sty-1, Inte-2, Strw-2, Subt-3, Etq-1

Mega Attributes: STR: (3 Mech), DEX: 1, STA: 1/3 (MECH) PER: 1, INT:2, MAN: 1

Enhancements: Accuracy, Adaptability, Analyze Weakness, Hyper-enhanced Hearing, Trickster

Quantum Powers: Cyberkinesis-3(alter data, control, Reprogram), Bodymorph (Mech)-3 (Sizemorph Grow-3), Quantum Bolt (Mech)-1(spray/jet), Armor-1, Flight-1

Backgrounds: Allies-1 (Gameboy), Attunement-3, Cypher-3, Contacts -1 (Troll-net), Eufiber-3



Quantum Pool-28

HEALTH LEVELS: Bruised x 1 (x5 Mech), Hurt, Injured, Wounded, Maimed (x3 Mech), Crippled, Incapacitated, Dead

SOAK: Human-8/11B (eufiber), 6/9L (eufiber)
Mech-11/14B (eufiber), 7/10L (eufiber)


Being born a nova in the capital of Japan,by scientists with relations to the Yakuza was not easy. Actually, it was amazing! The Kusanagi’s are loaded. Her mom was even cool enough to design a robot prototype for her eventual emancipation. She has everything a 16 year old computer genius could possibly want! Every DDR, & zombie shooting game imaginable with full access to all interwebs & opnet gaming (even the ones not sanctioned by her rents). It’s perfect. When she feels the need to vanish, she would just tweek the lines in the at home security system & sneak off to all the Con’s whenevs.
Come to find out tho, family is not always what it seems. When her parents needed her skills to aid them in sneaking away from their past, she jumps at the opportunity to help in their escape.
Everything would have gone accordingly, but, when your parents are being held hostage by family, word travels fast.

Kusanagi Kamiko

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