Session 3

Teenage Wasteland

This is awesome! I’ve never been to a real concert before, let alone one at the Red Rocks. I didn’t even care who was playing. On the way in there were Nova protesters. Those really shitty ones that talk about how God hates Novas and Novas burn in hell. That sort of crap. We had to con our way through the turnstiles. Fortunately Apolline is pretty convincing, and Tobi made them think we had badges. I followed Brick and Derrek up to the front, right in the middle of the mosh pit. We were all having a great time. I didn’t even think to keep track of everyone else. The mosh pit was crazy. I guess it got too crazy.

Somewhere near halfway through the set, I heard screams and saw a few guys go flying. The bottom dropped out of my stomach. How did they find us so quickly. We’ve only been out of the school for a few minutes. Could they track up? I was running to the commotion before I knew what I was doing. Luckily it was just Brick. But Maggie was hurt. Brick was just protecting her. I grabbed her and teleported her out of the crowd to the top of one of the rocks surrounding the stage. I hope Brick didn’t hurt them too much.

I guess I was pretty lucky when I shifted out of that crowd. The rock I landed us on already had a couple of familiar faces on it. Erik and Tobi were already there. As it turnd out Erik can heal people. Maggie was good as new in no time, but didn’t really wanna go back into the crowd. I can’t blame her. We watched the end of the concert from up there. As everyone was filing out, we started to make our way back to the meeting spot.

The protesters were still there when we made our way out. Derrek I guess was still all amped up. One of those idiots started yealling at him, telling him that he was going to hell for being at this concert. That fucking idiot. ’Doesn’t everything burn in hell?’ Derrek asked as he grabbed the guys hand and burned the shit out of it. Before we could do anything, Tobi opened a warp right under us and we fell out into a forrest.

Can you imagine the faces of all those bastards when we just fell through the earth? We were all milling around, trying to decide what to do when Derrek, ever the instigator, suggested we get some booze. Dad never let me drink, and it was our night off. We talked Tobi into helping Derrek go to the closed store and get us a bunch of booze. We started a fire and were all sitting around it talking, waiting for them to get back. Apparently something happened, cause they came back wet, but they had a cart of liquor. Score.

Or so we though. Turns out Novas cant get drunk. Or at least we couldn’t. After a while of no one doing anything but having to piss a lot, we, at least Derrek and I, wanted more. Maybe some Soma. Thats where Darren and Megan went, Brick told us. He got us the address where they were, and after some convincing, we went there. A whole gang of mismatched kids showing up on the street outside of a ghetto drug house. Not suspicious at all. Not that I was very worried, we were with some good company to have in a fight.

I knocked on the door and a huge black guy answered. I asked about our classmates and he said he didn’t know anything about anyone like that. Whatever. I don’t really care about those pricks anyway. I asked about some Soma. After a little convincing, and a fake wad of money, we got in and bought some. I could feel there were two Novas over us. It had to be Darren and Megan. Derrek grabbed the powder and we went upstairs. I guess the rooms upstairs were for people to use the stuff they just bought, and we found the one the two Novas were in. I tried to shift in and ended up downstairs in the middle of all the gangsters. Fuck!

I shifted out as fast as i could, and by the time i got back upstairs, everything wend dark. I could sense what was going on, but it was like we were in a cloud of ink. I was in the room with the two Novas in the bed, and Ghost who had made it into the room. But there were two others in there too. I immediately tried to attack them, but I couldn’t connect. Thats when people started passing out, dropping to the ground not moving anymore. Pretty soon Adam and I were the only ones still up. Then something really fucking strange happened. Everything got really big. Or we got really small. Hard to tell. And the old creaky guy that i tried to kick went around picking us up. He was collecting us in a bag he had, a lot like a doctors bag.

The closest one to me was Ghost, so I grabbed him and shifted out into the street, narrowly missing being run over by the biggest car I’ve ever seen. I throw Ghost into the bushes to hide him and shift back in. I have to save them. There’s no one else.

Session 3

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